Spit-Up, Strep Throat and A Softball Game

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversaries? Shawn and I moved from Washington State to California six weeks after we were married. So, for our first anniversary, we flew to Seattle. We ate at Daniel’s Steakhouse, where we ate the night Shawn proposed. We visited our favorite spots in the city, went to worship at our old church and spent time with friends. It was romantic, sentimental and perfect.

Fast forward ten years. Today, we celebrate eleven years together. We will not be flying to Seattle or eating expensive steak. Instead, we will be helping our youngest daughter recover from strep throat, wiping up baby spit-up and going to both a t-ball and softball game. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Eleven years ago, when Shawn and I stood before our friends, many promises were made. We promised to love, comfort and keep each other. These happen in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer until our death. There was no promise for a “perfect” life, or for nights of uninterrupted sleep, or even for amazing anniversary celebrations. Our promises are bigger than that.

We have four amazing children. God has called us to be parents and that calling takes priority over our own, many times selfish, desires. So, tonight while Shawn has one daughter at t-ball and I have another at softball, I’ll smile and thank God for an amazing husband, family, and eleven years of blessings. This is life with four kids, but it’s worth it and makes me love my husband even more.

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