Diaper Cream, A Two-Year-Old and A Pair of Shoes

When I went to get my two-year-old up from her nap today, I was greeted with a strange smell. “Hi Ella. What’s that smell?” “Ahh!!!” came from a smiling and then giggling Ella. It took about three more seconds to recognize the strong smell of diaper cream and another second to realize that Ella’s face was a bit pale. No, she wasn’t sick. It was the diaper cream. She chose to use it as facial moisturizer, hair gel and body lotion. Who knew diaper cream had so many uses?

I got down on Ella’s level to talk with her about what she had done, and then I saw them. The shoes. The nice, navy blue leather shoes, which were now white. Ella thought this to be quite creative and funny. After cleaning Ella off I sent her to her sisters and went to clean the room and open a window to release the extremely strong medicinal smell.

As I moved around Ella’s room, I realized the shoes were not the only items that had been “painted” white. Her toy shelf, a pink bunny, a picture frame, a pair of brown shoes, stacking blocks, her CD player and the book A Pocket Full of Cricket. They were all victims of Ella’s artistic expressions.

While wiping up the mess, I kept wondering “What was she thinking?!!” Perhaps it was the fumes, but I wasn’t upset. In fact, as I asked myself the same question again and again, I was smiling. I was also wondering if this is what God asks himself about his children . . . us.

We are all in need of forgiveness. Some of us, a lot! I look back at my day and ask, “How have I smeared diaper cream all over my bedroom?” What did I do, or not do that made God look down with a little smile while shaking his head.

So, while I was still smiling and wondering “What would she come up with next,” I went to open the window. I pulled back the curtain and saw them. Diaper cream handprints on the window. A work of art.

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