No Spring Skips Its Turn

It was 26 degrees with a dusting of new snow on the ground when the littles left for school this morning. Y’all, it’s been winter since October, and the two days of spring we had last week do not make up for today’s freezing weather.One of my daughters and I have some form of “spring allergies + winter’s not over pestilence.” It’s a thing! I’ve also lost my voice. It’s gone to live in warmer weather and will be back once the sun decides it can be my friend and shine here.But I woke up this morning in a warm house with hot coffee. I read my devotional and wrote in my 5-Minute gratitude journal and prayed “Fix It Jesus!” There will always be plenty to complain about, but there is always so much more to be thankful for.Friends, no matter what season you are in right now, I know there is something, one thing you can be thankful for. Find it. Thank God for. Then, go be awesome today!

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