Guest Blog – 5 Ways to be Intentional in Your Marriage

I had the great pleasure in sharing a guest blog for Komae – Babysitting Exchange. The amazing women who started Komae were at RISE, the conference I attended in April, and their babysitting app is awesome! Take a look at their site and enjoy my blog. I’d love it if you’d share my blog from their page!

KOMAE – 5 Ways to be Intentional in Your Marriage

You Were Created to Do Hard Things

Hard things are hard! But did you know that God created you to do hard things? He made you so strong, and bold, and smart, and capable of so much more!

He gave you creativity, and intuition and a deep desire for better. God wants all of us to strive for a better us.

So, hard things will come. Yes, they will. The small daily hard things and the big “I don’t think I can do this” hard things.

But you have the choice.

And the power.

And everything you need.

Choose to stand up y’all, into that full beautiful creation that God made, and live into the purpose he has pour into your soul.

It’s there.

Do you feel it? Do you know it? Live into that light and be that light that I know you are.

Stand on top of those hard things. Place them under your feet. Take a step forward into the day God has created. And if you need a hand, a shoulder a prayer, I’m waiting right here.