Jumping into July – We’re Halfway There

Jump into July

Is anyone singing a little Bon Jovi with my blog title? Just me? I can turn just about anything into a song. It keeps me motivated and moving forward. It also gives me a bit of a dance break, which is almost always needed!

So, yes, we are halfway there. It’s July. We are six months into the year and have six months to go until January. How are those new year resolutions coming? Those big bold dreams that I encouraged you to write down all the way back in January. Are they growing? Does a halfway mark encourage and excite you or make you disappointed?

It’s up to you.

You can take this halfway mark as defeat, or you can turn it into motivation.

You’re halfway there on this amazing journey. There doesn’t aways have to be a finish line. Our growth never ends. Our dreams can always get bigger. God has something bigger and better and bolder just waiting for you. You only need to reach for it!

This month, I am challenging all of my followers (that’s you!) to Jump into July with me. What does that mean? Let’s work together for 30 minutes, for 30 days toward our dreams. I’ll give you something to focus on each day. This is not about adding more to our schedule. It’s about shifting our priorities so we can get more accomplished in the same amount of time.

Let’s get our bodies healthy. Our spiritual lives healthy. Let’s make lists of priorities, make vision boards and dream God-sized dreams together!

Then, on July 31st, we celebrate!

To join me on this journey, follow me on Instagram at simplylizsmith and on Facebook at Simply Liz Smith

And like Bon Jovi says, we’re halfway there!

We’re half way there
Livin’ on a prayer
Take my hand and we’ll make it
I swear, livin’ on a prayer


  1. Sabbath: Rest in God’s comfort and love.
  2. Everything Starts with Prayer
  3. Hydrate Your Body
  4. Take Time to Celebrate
  5. Find Your Joy
  6. Put Joy on Your Calendar
  7. Just Do It!


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