Radio Silence


Radio Silence.

A status where radio stations are asked to stop all transmissions in an area for safety or security reasons.

Safety or security reasons.

I have been in radio silence on my blog since 2012. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. If you asked me, I would have said, “Oh, it’s been a couple of years. Maybe three.”


Safety and security.

The heaviness of life, has been…well, heavy.

Every new year, I pick a new word to help guide and focus me. My word back in 2012 was “Faithful.”

Faithful through the good, the celebrations, the every day, the hard, the heavy.

I got stuck in the heavy.

Radio silence.

Two years ago my word was “Restore.”

Restore the broken, old, weary, heavy. We moved into a 100-year-old home that year. Not only was the restoration going on in my heart and my soul, but in our new home. Layers upon layers of wallpaper. Old, dirty, slightly pink paint. Lots of scraping. Lots of cleaning.

Beauty comes out of restoration.




This year, my word has changed.


Again, I say rejoice!

New Year’s Day I put my feet in the salty water and washed away all of what was and rejoiced in all that was coming.


The radio silence is over.

There are joys and sorrows to be shared, songs to be sung, and stories to be told.

I choose to rejoice! Join me.



I am Worth More than Gold

Our family typically does not do dessert after dinner. Except ain the summer when it’s all about ice cream. But last night, after a good dinner on our screened-in deck, Shawn brought out Hershey Kisses for everyone. Not really dessert, but a great treat in the eyes of our children.

This particular bag of Hershey Kisses are part of their Fall Mix and the wrappers are not just silver, but also black and orange (which looks more gold).

Emaline got a gold kiss and I ended up with silver. Emaline came over to me and said with a smile:

“Gold is worth more than silver.”

Then, with only a moment’s pause, she said:

“It’s okay mommy. It doesn’t matter if you have gold or silver. God loves you the same. God doesn’t care how much money you have. He just loves you.”

A simple Sunday school lesson about favoritism taken from James 2:1-13 stuck with Emaline this week. Her observation was beautiful and much deeper than she realized. Thank you to her Sunday school teachers, who with a simple lesson, instilled a powerful message into my Emaline.

They Grow Up So Fast & Thankful for Today

When you have your first child (and even when you have your fourth), everyone feels the need to give you advice. You might be told that you dress your baby too warmly, or that they don’t have enough on to keep them warm. You’ll be given advice on feeding, sleeping, spoiling and when you should (or shouldn’t) have another baby. Once piece of advice I have heard over and over is to enjoy your children today, because they grow up so fast.

Many people want to keep their babies little. To pretend that they won’t be another day older tomorrow. That you lose something once they start to grow. I have loved my babies. The smell, the snuggles, the amazing blessing. But I also love my children today. The unique way God has created them to be. So today, on Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for who my children are today and what they will become tomorrow.

Elise: I loved Elise as a 2 and 3-year-old. She had the best cheeks and the curliest red hair. She made everyone smile. I love her even more today. Elise is always learning something new (and amazing) and wanting to share it with us. Almost overnight, she has turned into a fantastic reader. I love listening to her read. She enjoys the sciences, especially animals and would rather watch a “learning show” than anything else.  She will be an amazing woman of God.

Emaline: Emaline was a mini-me at age 1 (she still is). She had these amazingly huge blue eyes, and China doll face. I love her even more today. Emaline puts her size to shame with her fiestiness. She loves being with her family. She loves to sing (all the time), create stories and still likes to snuggle. There is so much life in her. She will make people happy.

Ellasyn: Ella was a sweet baby. She was so content, quiet and loving. She smiled a lot, slept well and was a blessing from above after I miscarried twins. I love her even more today. Ella is a strong and vibrant 2-year-old. She wants her sisters to know that she is more than just the “little sister.” She is learning so much, loves to sing and can count in English and Spanish. She will be a leader.

Colton: Colton was the missing part to our family. Not just because he is a boy. I loved having a newborn again. The smell, the eyes, the small warm bundle in my arms. The blessing of this little boy brings tears to my eyes. At 5 months, he has changed so much. I love how he smiles when I walk into the room and how his eyes light up. He has great eyebrows. He makes his sisters laugh. He will be a man of God.