Saving Time

What did you do with your extra hour on Saturday night? According to Children’s Magazine 45% of moms with kids under age 6, who if given an extra hour to themselves during the day would choose to read or sleep. Most of the posts on Facebook on Sunday morning were about daylight savings and most of those were about sleeping an extra hour. With four children ages 7 and under, I didn’t get that extra hour of sleep. Around 2am, when the clocks went back an hour, I was up nursing Colton and then trying to get him back asleep for the night. Daylight Savings Time looses its appeal once you have children. Our children haven’t mastered the fine art of sleeping late in the morning.

So, what did you do? Did you read or sleep like the 45% of moms polled? Did you even notice the hour? If time stood still for an hour at 2pm in the afternoon, would your choices be different. Maybe you would spend the time with your family, or doing errands or finishing work you brought home from the office. What would you do with that gift?

Time is a gift as well as our ability to choose what we do with it. What can you do with an hour?