Rainy Day Treats

Today is the first cool and rainy day we’ve had in a while and softball practice was cancelled. The girls have been stuck inside being artists (think butcher paper on the kitchen table, water colors and crayons. While grocery shopping, I was inspired to come home, make a quick sweet treat, and watch the smiles on my girls’ (and husband’s) faces.

I’ll call these: Super Fast, Not-So-Healthy, Donuts

I purchased Buttermilk Biscuits from the refrigerator section. I bought the cheaper, smaller store brand variety. Any will do. I had the other ingredients at home: vegetable oil, sugar, cinnamon. Combine cinnamon and sugar in a bowl.

Find something to “punch” holes in the middle. I had a water bottle top that was a perfect size. I punched all of these holes while letting my oil slowly heat in a large heavy pot. Don’t fill your pot more than half-way with oil. It expands when heated.

I used one of my holes to check to see if the oil was at the right temperature. It will rise to the top and start cooking quickly. This won’t take long. When you see color around the edges, flip it over. It will take less time on the second side. Use a spoon to take it out.

When your oil is at the right temperature, get ready and go! It all goes fast, which is why it is important to have everything ready to go. Again, cook on the first side until you see color around the edges, then flip and continue cooking. I had a skinny wooden spoon which fit into the hole, which made it easy to take out and then toss into the cinnamon sugar mixture. Don’t overload your pot or the oil temperature will lower and your donuts won’t cook as well. I did four at a time. When I got to the holes, I put 9 or 10 in at a time.

Here is the end product. Super fast and good. They are especially good warm!

So, forget it’s Lent for one day, and make something that will put a smile on your children’s’ faces.