Writing Your Dreams

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When I was little, I dreamed about being a ballerina, singing on broadway, becoming a lawyer and going to an Ivy League school. These dreams played out in my imagination, my make-believe and even played a role in the decisions I made. My dreams changed as I became a high school student and again when I went off to college (at a wonderful, but non Ivy League university). My dreams were still there, although different, as a young adult, a new wife and as a mother. But, somewhere along the way, I lost sight of those dreams and forgot to make new ones.

As adults, we forget to dream. It’s as if we don’t have permission to dream anymore. I don’t believe that God ever wants us to stop dreaming. God has amazing plans for us and for our future. I still have some amazing, God-given dreams that I am dreaming.

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Last night, I spent some time writing down a dream I have for the future. I put it down on paper and made a plan on how to move towards that dream. I actually numbered my page. I love checklists, but it also gave me a chance to be practical about this dream. Simple, basic, baby-steps to move toward my big, amazing, dream. It was hard and freeing to put it down on paper. It made my dream that I have rarely shared, real. I could see my words right before me in black and white. It became alive.

I am claiming it and praying about it and thanking God for it and MOVING on it! Nothing happens when we just sit on our dreams, and no one has permission to tell you your dreams aren’t good, or worthy, or are too big for your britches. They are yours to dream!

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2018 is my year of “becoming.” You can read more about my one word in my blog post One Word: Become. Claiming my dream is part of it. I’ve been reading some great books that are encouraging me and moving me forward. I encourage you to read them.

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What is your dream? Claim it! Write it down! Make a move, no matter how small, on your dream today!


Here are the amazon.com links to the books listed above:

“Girl, wash your face” by Rachel Hollis

“The Dream of You” by Jo Saxton

“100 Days to Brave” by Annie F. Downs



I’m Someone’s Future

Recently, our family of six drove from Virginia to Orlando, Florida. My husband was attending a conference and we couldn’t let him escape to sunshine without us. We stopped part way down for the night at a hotel. The next morning at breakfast, an older man and his wife were getting up to return to their room. He came over with a smile and told us that we had “a wholesome family. It’s nice to see.”

While spending a day in the Magic Kingdom, we took a little rest and enjoyed some delicious frozen pineapple-orange drinks. A couple at a nearby table came over and asked if he could take our picture for us. He and his wife loved watching us enjoy being a family, and our yummy drinks.

The next day, we took a trip to Clearwater Beach, on the gulf. We enjoyed an amazing seafood feast before heading back to the car to get our beach gear. We passed a young couple who had a one year old little boy. They were both smiling. The wife stopped me and told me that she had just told her husband that we were her future. (Her husband stopped smiling. Probably because he had recounted our family members and realized we had four children.) She said we looked like the family she wanted to have.

Most often, people comment on the size of our family. It’s as if having four children is an anomaly. We get the smiles at our cute children, but you can see the slightly negative thoughts rushing through their minds. But within just a few days, we got three amazing compliments.

The comments caught me off guard and made me realize that others are almost always watching. Someone notices when I am a little too cross with my children in the grocery store, or when I forget to brush someone’s hair, or when I forget to brush my hair. They also notice when we care for each other, love each other and have fun with each other. It is a good reminder for me and for my family to act as if someone is always watching. What kind of mom and wife to I want to represent? What kind of family to I want people to think we are? I want us to be a wholesome, loving family that enjoys each other’s company. I want to be someone’s future.