10 Truth Bombs from RISE


She told us to go all in. To dance. To do all the things. To not let another women sit alone. To listen to each other’s stories. To cry. To dance it out. To be honest. Ane true. And real.

One week ago, I had the great privilege to attend the RISE conference in Los Angeles. You can read more about it in my post It’s Your Proud Moment – Take the Picture. I have attended several conferences in the past, but never a personal growth conference like RISE. I could talk to you for hours about every aspect and experience at RISE. I am still digging through everything myself. In order to save some time, and actually get this post written, I give you quick snippets from Rise. Also known as: 10 Truth Bombs from RISE.


I went to rise not knowing anyone. I had “met” a few women on Facebook including my two roommates, but I did not know anyone. My community was waiting. From the moment I stepped off my plane in L.A. women were ready to be real for each other. We all need real community, and sometimes we need to create it. I went alone. I left with sisters.



Women, we need to dress up! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that many occasions to dress up for these days. Between dance recitals, baseball games and theater performances, I’m lucky to wear some cute accessories.

I was able to attend the VIP Garden Party at Rachel & Dave Hollis’ home. It was beautiful, and colorful, and L.A. and so much fun. We all wore floral and drank wine with flowers in it. I wore a strapless dress and RED heels. We share stories, and laughed and met “low-grade celebrities” as Jen Hatmaker call them.

I got to meet Rachel Hollis in person (even though I already feel like we are BFFs) and tell her all the things. My favorite picture is the one above where I am telling her who knows what, and she is completely listening. She was all-in during our conversation, even though there were 100 other women waiting to talk with her.


Rachel told us to go all in. To do everything that was asked of us, not matter how weird or uncomfortable we might feel. If you’ve never been to a personal growth conference, it might feel strange. We were asked to stand up, to dance, to yell things out loud, to hug, to meditate, to be honest. In order to get the most out of a conference, you need to do everything. So I went all in! I hugged strangers. I did the meditations. I dance on a stage in front of 700 women. I said yes to late night dinners and happy hours in hotels. I took selfies with women. I did ALL the things and came away so thankful for them.



Music and dance play a huge role in my family. We have always held dance parties in our kitchen and played music really loud to help change a mood. This conference was full of music and we stood up and dance at least once every hour, and sometimes a lot more. And that was before the epic 90s hip-hop dance party. I wrote about the role of music in my blog A Home Filled with Music so Rachel’s connection to music fit so well with me. Music and dance can pull you out of a bad mood in as little as one song. Give it a try!



Own your past, but know you are not stuck there. Jen Hatmaker says “you are far more than your worst day.” We are growing forward and we need to do it together.



Did you know that you’re not alone? That there are women who are ready to stand up with you? To support you, and help you, and cry with you? You are not alone in what ever it is that you are going through. I guarantee you that someone has walked in your shoes before and they are on the other side. Let’s start standing up for each other in love!



One of my favorite quotes from Rachel Hollis is ” Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.” John Gordon says to kick those people off your bus. Jen Hatmaker said that Jessica Honegger calls it the “Itty-Bitty-Bulls**t-Committee.” We need to stop listening to the lies and listen to His truth!



Dave Hollis said “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” So true! So, what are you going to do to keep growing? I read at least one non-fiction book a month that pours into me and my dream. I listen to podcasts each week. I attend conferences like RISE every year. What you do might look different, but we can all keep growing in our own ways.



I heard from some amazing speakers at RISE, including Toi Sweeney (above) who said I must be made of sugar. 🙂 There are so many people we can learn from. Seek them out. In person or through their books or blogs or podcasts. Invite them into your life and listen.


Liz Smith (2)

This is who I am. Who God made me to be. I shouldn’t try to be someone else, or hide who I am because someone might not like it. God has given me a voice and is calling me to use it. I hope you will lovingly be authentically you!

So, I went to a conference called RISE. I did all the things! I talked with everyone. I danced on a stage in front of 700 women. I sat next to strangers. I listened to stories and I was real with mine. I shared Jesus. I cried. Oh, I cried. But then I chose to rise!

Your Dream Is Too Big

Don_t let anyone tell you that your dream is too big!

My daughter was told that her dream was too big. That she couldn’t claim it for herself. It wasn’t a fact. It wasn’t a plan. It wasn’t a decision. It was just a dream, a wish that won’t come true.

You see, my daughter has big, bold and beautiful dreams. All of our children do. Our family dreams and sets goals. We make plans and take the steps to make those dreams a reality. We speak our dreams out loud. We pray about them. We claim them.

No one is allowed to tell us our dreams are too big.

God has created us to dream. To create. To love. His dreams for us are even bigger than our own. Beyond our wildest imagination. Go and be bigger!

You don’t need permission to dream.

Maybe you have forgotten the dreams of your childhood. Or the ambitious dreams of your teenage years. As an adult, revisit those dreams. Make new dreams, write them down and then work for them. Dream again!

Your dreams are worth dreaming!

My strong, smart, beautiful and determined daughter turned around and told them they were wrong. She told them her dream was going to happen because she has a plan. She has a checklist of steps that she is taking so that she is ready to conquer that dream. It’s practical, and wishful, and achievable and perfect. And I know that she will make it happen!

Go claim your dreams!

Writing Your Dreams

image1 (3)

When I was little, I dreamed about being a ballerina, singing on broadway, becoming a lawyer and going to an Ivy League school. These dreams played out in my imagination, my make-believe and even played a role in the decisions I made. My dreams changed as I became a high school student and again when I went off to college (at a wonderful, but non Ivy League university). My dreams were still there, although different, as a young adult, a new wife and as a mother. But, somewhere along the way, I lost sight of those dreams and forgot to make new ones.

As adults, we forget to dream. It’s as if we don’t have permission to dream anymore. I don’t believe that God ever wants us to stop dreaming. God has amazing plans for us and for our future. I still have some amazing, God-given dreams that I am dreaming.

image2 (1)

Last night, I spent some time writing down a dream I have for the future. I put it down on paper and made a plan on how to move towards that dream. I actually numbered my page. I love checklists, but it also gave me a chance to be practical about this dream. Simple, basic, baby-steps to move toward my big, amazing, dream. It was hard and freeing to put it down on paper. It made my dream that I have rarely shared, real. I could see my words right before me in black and white. It became alive.

I am claiming it and praying about it and thanking God for it and MOVING on it! Nothing happens when we just sit on our dreams, and no one has permission to tell you your dreams aren’t good, or worthy, or are too big for your britches. They are yours to dream!

you are

2018 is my year of “becoming.” You can read more about my one word in my blog post One Word: Become. Claiming my dream is part of it. I’ve been reading some great books that are encouraging me and moving me forward. I encourage you to read them.

image1 (2)

What is your dream? Claim it! Write it down! Make a move, no matter how small, on your dream today!


Here are the amazon.com links to the books listed above:

“Girl, wash your face” by Rachel Hollis

“The Dream of You” by Jo Saxton

“100 Days to Brave” by Annie F. Downs