Book Review: “Girl, wash your face”


“Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are

So you Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be”

“Girl, wash your face” is like a letter from a best friend who sees the God-given potential in you, and only wants the best for you. Rachel Hollis’ heart, passion and encouragement ring out pure and true in the pages of her new book.

The chapters are categorized by the lies that she has believed about herself. Even though our stories are different, I was able to relate to each and every lie and identify the placed in my own life, in my own walk with Christ, where I have believed the lies.


Rachel tells the reader that “This book is about a bunch of hurtful lies and one important truth.” This is where she kicks into the cheerleader, the friend, the motivational truth speaker. “Your dreams are worth fighting for, and while you’re not in control of what life throws at you, you are in control of the fight.” That’s the point. Your dreams are worth fighting for! Fight for them. Write them down. Make a plan. They are YOUR dreams.


At the end of each chapter, Rachel lists three things that helped her move away from the lies. Simple, practical and easy to put into practice. Some of these things we might already be doing.

“Girl, wash your face” is laugh-out-loud funny at times, and a tear-jerker at others. Rachel’s voice is clear, kind, relevent and sincere. I believe all women will find truth in these pages.

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**I received and advanced copy of this book from the publisher, but this review is fully and truly mine.**