Resolving not to Resolve

Every year, 45% of American adults make one or more New Year’s resolutions. Only 8% of those people are successful in keeping their resolutions. The top resolutions probably won’t surprise you: weight loss, exercise and stopping to smoke. While most people break their New Year’s resolutions, it has been shown that making resolutions or goals (writing them down, telling someone, plastering them on Facebook, or blogging about them) will help you keep them.

Growing up, I would make resolutions. They were probably silly and I honestly don’t remember what they were, or if I kept any of them. In the past several years, I just haven’t made any. I figure, if I don’t make any, I won’t fail keeping them and end up in that 92%.

Recently, I read a blog ( about keeping weekly goals. They are specific for that week and fit into categories.

Family/Mothering Goals

Personal Goals

Home Management Goals

Business Goals

I have started to make these weekly goals. I did great for the first two weeks of January, then we left for Orlando and it all went out the window. Time to get back on track. Under my personal goals, I split them into: Spiritual, Physical Activity and Me Time. I’ve also tried to keep my goals small. I tend to set big goals and there is no way I can accomplish 10 of them in one week.

I also added a monthly goal. January’s goal was to organize my organization. (Yes, a little crazy.) February’s goal (Well, there are two. I told you I’m not good at keeping them small.) is to take back our master bedroom (more on that later). The other goal is to get Fit in February. (Catchy, right?)

We’ll see how my resolutions . . . I mean goals are going six months down the line. For now, I’m taking the small steps and it’s working, fun and exciting.