A Fresh Outlook on Life and What We Can Learn From Babies

My son will soon be eight months old. His most recent victory is sitting up. He is quite good at it. Occasionally he will reach for something too far out of his grasp and end up on his belly, or lean in the direction he is looking and topple over. Earlier today, he took a strong hold on the toy farm, brought it to his mouth to bite on (something he does with everything now that he has teeth) and fell onto his back with the farm on top of him. This did not phase him in the least and he went along chomping on the farm’s silo. He also doesn’t have very far to fall and we have a very nice plush carpet in our family room. Sitting up gives Colton a whole new view of the world. One he did not have a few weeks ago.

Colton has gone through many different stages of sight. As a newborn, babies can only see as far as the face of the person holding them. Perfect for a new mother nursing her baby. As they grow, so to does their eye sight. Things are more in focus and they can see further away. We have carried all of our babies in a Bjorn carrier. For the first several months, they are carried facing in toward your chest. They can’t see much, which is fine, because they usually fall asleep in this position. When they are strong enough, they are turned out, to face what is coming. A new perspective. A whole new world is just waiting for them to take in.

Like his sisters, Colton loved this change. To see what was coming, explore with his eyes, and return the smiles of everyone he sees. My husband calls this the “floating baby” because everyone notices and talks to Colton and rarely says anything to him.

And finally, when the torture of playing flat on the floor is almost too much to handle, the magical days comes a long when a baby can sit. Sit and play. Sit and be content. Sit and be happy. That is, until they want to crawl.

Sometimes in life, all we need is a fresh outlook on life. A new perspective. It doesn’t take much for a baby and it really doesn’t take much for us. So, take a moment, change your position and look again into this day. You may be surprised what you find. Disclaimer: Be careful to not pull the farm on top of you!