Hand in Hand

“I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness.”  Emily Dickenson

When I was growing up, I wanted a sister. Younger or older, it didn’t matter. I would read the “Sweet Valley Twins” books and pretend I was Elizabeth and Jessica was my twin sister. We had all sorts of adventures together. We’d gossip, share clothes and ride horses together – because there are always horses in little girls’ dreams. But most of all, we’d always be there for each other, a kind of permanent best friend.

I never got my sister (though I have many sisters in Christ), but God has blessed me with three girls. I have the pleasure of watching them grow into the kind of best friends that only sisters can be. Here are some things I have learned about sisters from my girls. Sisters are best friends that never leave. They love, support and encourage each other. They get excited to see each other when they’ve been apart; if only for a short time. They stick up for each other and protect each other. They yell and fight one minute and can’t stand being separated the next. They create amazing games that only they can understand. Their different personalities work so beautifully together. Their laughter is contagious. They already have serious conversations about when they are grown and seeing each other again in heaven. And even when they push and shove to see who can get out of the van first, they walk hand in hand into school together.